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THE ODDSQUAD BLUNDERS: Worldview Errors That Will Blow Up Your Life!

THE ODDSQUAD BLUNDERS: Worldview Errors That Will Blow Up Your Life!
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Understand the worldviews that compete for the minds of the world, and the blunders that lead people into them. This book gets to the heart of important topics without using strange words from philosophy or theology. This might be the first worldview book that is easy and fun to read. It is "edutainment" that entertains as it teaches solid lessons that help you sort truth from nonsense. Wacko characters show you the options: McKinley Forrester, who wants his waist size to equal his height; Redd Fyre with Coke sign colored hair; Halo Morningside, born to party; Bounteous Springforth, Spiritual Advisor to the Stars; Skurj DuBois (who only seems insane); Dark Fathoms, unemployed artist; Casio Nougat, crackpot poet; Clyde Gnarly, grumpy codger, and Bernadette Hernley, the “Bag Lady from Heaven.”

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