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Healing Release of the Holy Spirit

Healing Release of the Holy Spirit
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An overview of the basic biblical and theological foundation to Christian care, healing and growth. You will learn the four primary world views underlying all religions, the four important areas of brokenness that need to be healed and changed as well as God’s answer to each. It provides a lens to better understand true and false religions and which interventions are consistent with Christianity. You will also see why it is necessary to communicate differently about salvation, growth and healing with all cultures. In graduate many schools for counseling classes that describe the various ways graduates can help troubled people, teachers start off with a theory that describes their ideas about the nature of persons who are having troubles in life. None of the theories or their practical applications satisfies Christians because they leave out creation, the fall and the healing work of Jesus. Dr. James Kallas, a well-known theologian, helped fill that gap by showing that differing theological views about human nature impact the culture, laws and practical living of different countries. The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit shows how the Kallas approach can assist ministers, counselors and disciple makers bring healing and growth to broken people. Christians will find the approach invaluable to carry out the call of Jesus to "Heal the broken hearted and set the captives free”. IS 61:1-2

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