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Climb Another Mountain

Climb Another Mountain
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Climb Another Mountain tells two stories, unquestionnably and intricately intertwined, but still two stories. The first story is autobiographical and tells us of two persons who hear God's call to go beyond the usual, beyond the normal way of life, into an exciting and personal pilgrimage that carries them literally around the world. It is the story of Chuck and Donna Thomas and their life devoted to connecting God, people, and need in a healthy and demanding international ministry. The second story is the inspirational account of the founding and development of the Project Partner, a prototype para-church organization that has grown from a family commitment to a widely respected and highly prized international network of relationships, promoting practical, hands on missions.

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Reviewed by gary
11/09/2012 - 09:25:17 AM

Highly Recommended

Donna Thomas co-founded and leads one of the most creative and cutting edge ministries in missions. Beginning at a time when equipping national pastors and church workers was almost unheard of, the Thomas family listened to the Lord's call to develop a lasting legacy among the developing church around the world. Now she is allowing the rest of us to glimpse a bit of the excitement of hearing and following God into the far reaches of the earth.

Dr. Gary Sweeten, Sweeten Life Systems

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