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Dare To Explore

Dare To Explore
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Dare to Explore: A 12-Week Trip Through Islam With Turn-By-Turn Directions For Reaching Muslims. By S. Michael with L. McAlister. 171 pages. Islam is the second fastest growing religion in the world. Dare to Explore is an applicable 12 lesson study and workbook containing crucial material for every true follower of Christ. The book is designed for study by Christian individuals or groups. Dare to Explore Bible Study will equip you to: • Know the truth about Islam. • Be aware of the spread of Islam in America. • Be able to make a comparison between Islamic beliefs and True Christian Faith. • Be equipped with practical ways to reach Muslims in your community. • Be capable of addressing some of the common difficult questions that Muslims ask. • Possess trusted resources for more in-depth studies to grow in your faith and to learn more about Islam. • Have a more explicable Biblical foundation on the subjects discussed. Highlight specific Biblical and Qur'anic passages in your discussions with Muslims.

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