Recommended Authors and Books

Christian Counseling and Pastoral Care

1. Gary Sweeten, Listening for Heaven’s Sake,

2. Gary Sweeten, Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty: Successful Steps to Healing, Growth and Discipleship  

3. Siang-Yang Tan,  Lay Counseling

4. Dave Ping and Anne Clippard, Quick to Listen Leaders,

5. Dr. Edwin Friedman, From Generation to Generation, A Failure of Nerve, Friedman’s Fables,

6. Finke and Stark, The Churching of America,

7. Dr. Daniel Amen,  Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, etc

8. Monica McGoldrick has several books. You Can go Home Again, Genograms, etc

9. Roberta Gilbert has several books: Connecting with our Children

10. Willard Harley, His Needs, Her Needs

11. William Kirwan, Biblical Concepts for Christian Counseling

12. Garth Lean, On the Tail of a Comet

13. Charles Allan Kollar, Solution Focused Pastoral Counseling

14. Miller, Duncan and Hubble, Escape from Babel, Heroic Clients, Heroic Agencies, etc.

15. Ronald Richardson, Family Ties That Bind, Self Counsel Press

16. Pine and Gilmore, The Experience Economy

17. Martin Seligman’s books, The Optimistic Child especially

18. Bob Buford, Half time

General Purpose Theology and Personal Growth

1. Anything by Phillip Yancey

Influence and Change

1. Malcolm Gladwell, Tipping Point

2. Heath Brothers, Made to Stick

3. Anne Hagedorn, Beyond the River

4. Patterson, et al Crucial Conversations and Influencer


1. Steve Sjogren

  • Conspiracy of Kindness
  • Outflow
  • 101 Ways to Reach Your Community

2. George Hunter, Celtic Evangelism


Hope & Change for Humpty Dumpty

A training manual for those who want to promote healing, growth and change in others. Critically important for leaders, coaches, teachers, and ministers.  BUY »


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